Industry Status Quo and Pain Points
Many tourism and hotel groups are growing in large-scale and digitalized. A complete set of SCRM membership marketing system is essential to integrate online and offline services, understand customer needs in time and feedback to customers timely, so as to carry out rapid and personalized marketing, customer care system, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and obtain competitive advantages and performance growth.
  • Low level of digitization
  • Difficulty in integrating data sources
  • Customers ’ higher demand and expectations
  • High turnover ratio, and lack of follow-up process
Tourism industry solutions
  • Create a centralized data pool
  • Dig into wechat features
  • Tailor-make development solution
Create a centralized data pool
Set up a member center at the PC end and wechat end synchronously to ensure basic membership management.
Flexible member center to attract users to register and maintain active membership status
Dig into wechat features
Set different labels for Wechat followers
Wechat authority differentiation for ordinary users and employees
QR code creation and scenario-based applications
Interactive association between subscription account and service account
Tailor-make development solution
Grant personalized authority to corporate stores,and standardize internal management Make exclusive QR code posters to motivate employees to attract new customers Distribute local customer service staff after a customer scanning QR code on store posters

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